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Garage doors can break at any time of day. That’s why John Garage Door Repair has technicians in Worth, IL ready to service you 24/7. Our professionals usually carry a full stock of garage door parts, which we repair install and replace to fix your overhead door at the same visit. We repair damaged and broken garage door parts, including springs, openers, cables, rollers, panels, and more. If you don’t recognize the reason that your garage door is not working, don’t panic. Our educated technicians will rapidly diagnose the problem and provide an explanation for it before doing any work.

Garage Door Components

1)Door panels: These are the individual sections of the door that make up the overall surface of the door. They can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl, and are connected by hinges to form the complete door.

2)Torsion spring: This is a large spring that is located above the door and is used to balance the weight of the door. The spring is wound tight and provides the tension needed to lift and lower the door.

3)Extension spring: This is a spring that runs parallel to the horizontal tracks on either side of the door. It helps to counterbalance the weight of the door and is typically located above the horizontal tracks.

4)Tracks: These are the metal channels that the door rollers run in, and guide the door up and down. They are typically made of steel and are attached to the walls of the garage on either side of the door.

5) Rollers: These are small wheels that are attached to the bottom of the door panels and ride in the tracks, allowing the door to move up and down smoothly.

6) Hinges: These are the metal brackets that connect the door panels together and allow them to pivot when the door is opened and closed.

7) Opener: The opener is a motorized device that automatically opens and closes the door. It is typically mounted on the ceiling of the garage and is connected to the door via a series of pulleys and cables.

8)Safety sensors: These are small devices that are typically mounted on the bottom of the door tracks and use infrared beams to detect any objects in the path of the closing door.

These are the main components of a typical garage door. Some additional components may be added depending on the type of door and the manufacturer, but these are the basics.

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